50 YEARS!!!

Save the date

Labor Day 2015, we celebrated 50 years of ministry to the Angelo State community!  It was a treasured and sentimental time that was a powerful reminder of how God has worked here at ASU through the CCC!   Also, we're working hard to have the most up-to-date CCC directory, so we need your help getting the latest contacts, especially for those not on facebook.  Please contact us at the CCC at 325-944-2559 or  We're glad you're a part of the CCC story,!!!

Official RFC/CCC Facebook Group!


It took almost exactly one year from the time an idea for a deck at the CCC originated until its completion.  The project took many steps, and significant costs. However, everyone at the CCC is very proud and thankful for the gifts that made possible one of the coolest (not temperature-wise), most attractive, and relaxing areas for students to hang out!  In May 2010 it was completed and we held a dedication ceremony acknowledging and honoring all those who contributed.  We were instantly sure how instrumental this new acquisition would be to our ministry here at ASU!  Thank you for your contributions, and for your faithfulness to what you know can be life-changing for others in the future!


I am currently researching the college ministry as it functioned and changed from the BSC/ Bible Chair days to the CCC on up to the present. If you would like to contribute to my efforts and share your perspective and knowledge, please contact me at 944-2559. It has been very "interesting" and exciting so far!!!  Thanks! -Doug Johnson